The library chapter 3 : Robert haves a plan

Next day when Valesa reached the meeting spot…….

Hey guys, it’s me Ritesh Kumar back on my blog channel. Hope you’re doing good in lockdown and it’s been 3 days since I posted my last post and this one is a sequel of the last one, which was the chapter 2 of the library.

I think you all are enjoying this story and I’m also working really hard on it to make it go well. This one will be something exceptional and a bit more interesting so now I must let you read it now. And after reading it completely comment your response please-

Next day Valesa approached the meeting spot a bit earlier , in a hoodie trying to stay anonymous. And soon after sometime students begin flooding the corridor as it was the time they came back from the school.

But, one of the students ,Sebastian who was one of Valesa’s classmates who were very jealous of her, recognised her and tried to tease her by saying ” hey Valesa where are you going? To steal another book from the library?, without getting noticed.”

But Valesa kept herself calm until sebastian teased her “haah!!THE LIBRARY THIEF”

Valesa lost her temper and ran towards him to slap him but the moment she was just gonna slap him, Robert came there and she gained control back.

Robert “hey Valesa, I think you are going in the wrong direction!”

“And what are you doing here Sebastian? ” Robert asked

“Oow , so Mr Robert is also working with Valesa! What do you both think I don’t know what your plan is?”

By this Robert got very angry and threatened sebastian ” I’m telling you , get out of my sight or I will punch you at the face!!”.

When sebastian left that place Robert whispered to Valesa “there’s something that I want to show you” and asked her to follow him.

“Ok” Valesa agreed and followed him.

“So we are very close to the place”

“So here we are”Robert said after some seconds

It took a while for Valesa to understand where they reached was somewhere she was not expecting she will visit in her whole life “THE BOYS HOSTEL WASHROOM”.

“Where the **** you brought me!!” Valesa exclaimed angrily.

“I know this is awkward but this is the best place where you can tell you what my plan is to get you that book back”

“No way…… whatever you say I’m not gonna get in.”

“ok I understand how hard it is…….” And Valesa interrupted in between ” No you don’t”

“But inspite of all these, it’s the best place to plan” Robert said

“And why’s this place the best?”Valesa inquired.

“Because no one used this washroom and from the past 3 years entry in it is made punishable under hostel’s laws”

“Oh, Really?”Valesa said “What do you think anything can…..”

Robert interrupted in between “hey hey hey hey hey , just calm down”

“Don’t you want to get that book back?” Robert asked her

“Yes I want to but, there will be some anyother and better way to get it other than being at this place THE BOYS WASHROOM”

“Will you please calm down so that I can tell you my plan”

“Hoof” Valesa agreed”Ok, but please be quick I can’t stay here for much long”

“Ok” Robert sighed “So it’s the right time you can come out now” Robert said to someone (which was not Valesa).

A tall boy with a familiar face came out of a washroom at the instant Robert completed his sentence.

Valesa recognised the face, he was Steffan, one of the dumbest students of her class and exclaimed”No way, we’re not gonna take his help!”

“I asked Steffan for help” Robert completed

“What kind of help he can provide?” She inquired “he is such a dumb!”.

“Excuse me I beg you a pardon”asked Steffan.

“You’re a dumb I said” Valesa teased Steffan “see even he can’t deny that”

“then what you are exactly, miss bookworm?” Stephen said provokely

“Shut up, you dumb” Valesa and Steffan started quarreling in words

“Stop it ,both of you ” Robert shouted trying to handle the situation and they eventually stopped fighting. “Now just listen to me”

“Ok” Valesa sighed

“I have a plan” Robert sighed.

“Ok” said Steffan

“So, what we are going to is that on Friday which is 3 days from now Stephen will be having a basketball game”

“Right” Steffan confirmed

“And before that game like always his whole team will be asked to file inn to the sport’s Teacher’s and will made to listen some inspirational lines before the game, Right?” Asked Robert

“Yeah” Steffan completed

“And as we know that the principal’s office is very close to the office of sports teacher , Steffan will some how manage to get that book back in this time”

“And what about the principal?” Steffan inquired.

“I will take care of her” Valesa completed

“So how’s the plan?” Robert asked confidently

“Excellent!!” Steffan and Valesa cheered at the same time.

“So that’s all, see you guys on Friday” Robert said while going back “By”.

And they all left that place.

So this was all about chapter 3 of the library and hope you liked it

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“NIGHTMARE” story section

  1. Chapter 1– This chapter is completely based on introduction of the story and describes how Valesa managed to enter the library.
  2. Chapter 2– This chapter tells what happened when she enterd the library and what kind of new problem arised in front of her.
  3. Chapter 3– This chapter tells what plan Robert made for Valesa to get that book back. And who was the new member of thier team

“QUARTZ” personality building

This section haves something which is usually needed by everyone and it is useful to attain or achieve a good personality and become successful. It also have some stuff which I am interested in and like to read which is self-improvement stuff.

  1. QUARTZ A1 This post contains some very useful and important strategies which can be used in business which have their origin from sports.
  2. QUARTZ A2 This post contains some data and theories from very famous writers about FEAR ARCHETYPES IN HUMAN PERSONALITY which are one of the human instincts categorised into 7 types by Ruth Soukup, the writer of a NewYork best seller book DO IT SCARED.

“LEARNEW” a knowledge series


The library chapter 2: The principal’s punishment

When Valesa entered the library she saw……….

Hey, everyone it’s me Ritesh Kumar,back on my blog and with one of my favourite things, NIGHTMARE. I know I have been a bit late this time, it’s because apart from being a blogger I’m a student so I need to give time to my studies too, having this blog as my second priority.

So let’s just not waste much time in other things and move forward with Chapter 2 of The Library.

Before moving forward I suggest that you must read chapter 1 again and get a go through that because it’s been very long since I posted the chapter 1. CHAPTER 1

Here you go,

When Valesa entered the Library she observed that it was really-really huge, it had numerous books (of mathematics as it was the mathematics section) from different times, places and authors around the world but as she was not much intrested in mathematics so she decided to move onn to the next level rather than sticking to that particular level.

The architecture of the library was pretty interesting and appreciable it was like it made use of moon light instead of burning candles, any one can really see everything clear enough to recognise even in the midnight!!!!!

While she was finding her way to the stairs to the next level she heard something,(the sound of steps) the sound seemed to be as if someone was coming towards her, she thought it might be the library cleaners so, she ran towards a book shelf and hide behind it.

“Anybody’s here???” A bold voice echoed through the library but it faded off and Valesa got some relief , but accidentally she touched a book in the book shelf and it book fell down. Which caught attention of two library caretaker cleaning the library.

She got afraid of being caught she decided to stay hidden. She saw someone coming close to the place where she was hiding ,she tried to change her place but eventually got caught. The men took her to the principal. Where the principal keep asking her what she was doing there, Valesa told her everything truth but she was not accepting it.

The principal kept asking her that what was the real reason for she being there keep telling her that she was going there  to find book in the English department of the library but she got caught.

After listening to the very reason several times the principal decided to restigate Valesa for a week.

Valesa got very disappointed when she heard that the principal had restigated her for a week. She came back from the principal’s office at 9:00 p.m. and after some time Robert came to visit her, he wanted to know about what happened out there in the library and what is she going to do now because Valesa was one of the most intelligent students in her class and due to this incident she was getting very unpopular in the whole school,also she was not going to attend the classes for the next whole week.

She told Robert that she was a bit tired today and will talk about this tomorrow and when Robert left she went to sleep.

While she was sleeping she got a dream in which she saw a sign, which seemed to be somewhat like an English alphabet written in some unordinary manner and at the very instant she saw that sign, her dream broke. She quickly woke up from the bed and made the sign behind a notebook.

After the very second she made that sign on notebook she just got to remember that the same sign was there on the book that she accidentally dropped in the library and because of which she got caught, but the book was now with the principal.

Next day close to 02:00 p.m. when students often came back from the school she went to Robert and told her everything truth and about the dream that she got last night.

Robert got to know all the stuff he said “what’s this mess going on with you?”

Valesa said “Yes, I know it’s all mess, I just gotta do something about this dream and this sign.”

“Why don’t you try talking to the principal and ask her to give the book to you?” Robert said.

“Hah” Valesa smiled “she will never give me that book back, but I think maybe she knew that there is a relation between  library and that book.”

“I don’t think that you can get that book back from her.” Robert said.

“yeah I know, but anyhow I need to get it back” she said “I think I am somehow connected to it, I don’t know how but I can feel it, it feels like more me”

“Humm” Robert murmured ” So we have to get that book back anyway”

After some discussion and some planning Robert got an idea.

“Got it” Robert said “hey, Valesa I think I got an idea to get your book back.”

“And what’s that, Mr genius?”she inquired.

“Just wait till tomorrow and meet me in the school corridor tomorrow” Robert smiled smartly.

So everybody this all about this CHAPTER 2 of THE LIBRARY and hope you liked it.

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How to get known your fear and overcome it ???

Try reading this if you want to overcome your fear archetype.

Can anyone really do that???

Heyheyhey just wait for a whilewas that the first thing that came in your mind when you first read the heading.(if yes then I insist you must read the complete post)

Sometimes, we say that nothing is impossible and at the same time we sometimes also that the word impossible itself says I’m possible then why you keep doubting yourself that you can’t do this thing as well. Well it may seem a bit tougher task to do but believe me with my help you will be able to do this too.

Welcome back users, it’s me Ritesh kumar back with my new post and a sequel of QUARTZ A2. This time I will be discussing a sum up of different research data of people in human inctincts and behavior which I read and collected, just for you on this blog channel.

FEAR, sems to be a kind of word of which no one wants to talk. But it is very necessary to talk about it because after a certain time it begins to just interfere in our life and become an obstacle in more further improvement in someone’s personality.

I’m not talking about some fear of animals (especially lizards, I’m honestly afraid of them). I’m talking about some hidden fears in someone’s personality which are one of the human instincts.

It was hidden only till Ruth Soukup, the writer of a NewYork best seller book DO IT SCARED conducted several researchs and serveys(4000-5000 people) for this book at a time and presented his theories in this book of his which gained very high reputation and popularity in its very beginning.

He made several theories and divided fears in 7 different types to make the study organised and named these 7 as fear archetypes. He said that most of the people have these 7 fears in different different variations. And if someone gets to know his fear archetypes it will be pretty easier to improve his performance and in a very appreciable pace.

The seven archetypes are listed below-

Fear archetypes-

The rule follower

These kind of people are the one who are extensively afraid of doing something which is different from others and is less ordinary. Only the fear of punishment and failure resists their sucess.

The Procrastinator

These kind of people tend to be afraid of starting something by their own. These people find themselves unable the take right decision at the very right time And hence the take a lot more extra time than others just in planning.

The excuse maker

These are the people who are afraid of having a responsibility on their shoulders. They find it unusual to have any responsibility or being responsible for any mistake, all this seems to be like their worst dream came true.

The people pleasure

These people are afraid that if they did even a single thing wrong, they might loose their complete reputation in front of the world. Due to this quality of them these people tend to decide their limits and make themselves and their thoughts away from people.

The accountant

The thing of which these people are most afraid is to rely on someone or to trust someone who can share their secrets. And due to this they began to make their own assumptions on people’s behavior and thinking.

The self doubter

These people are prepared but the thing they lack is the confidence, the fear to be failed or unsuccessful in their goal make them to stick to the preparation phase and eventually developing a mindset that they are not worth doing that work. This develops a sense of jealousy in them.

The pessimist

These are the people who claim they have seen the worst time in their life and have a great experience of world but not known to the fact that life will be having many more challenges later they began to see themselves as exhausted of challenges of life.

Use these habits to get over your fear archetypes

Here are some habits that you might use to overcome your fear archetypes-

Become commited

Being committed plays a major role in affecting your self decisions and helps you make strong and useful decision. This habit be very useful unfollowing your dreamgoals.

Think about your own past decisions

Try to become known to the things which make your decisions less efficient and restricts you to overcome your fears. While you are facing your fears wait for a while and try to remember the mistakes you made last time during the same fear

Try to be physically fit

Train your body to phase different situations in bad days of life. For this you can make use of yoga, running, cardio, walking, meditation, etc.

Take help of community

Fear and self doudting reduce confidence and increase lonely. In times of fear people tend to hide from others and this iis the time when you need othersvthe most.

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